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ECIS 2022 - New Horizons in Digitally United Societies

Value Creation from Data Analytics in Research and Teaching

Relevant dates

Deadline for submission of extended abstracts: April 15, 2022
Workshop date: June 21, 8.30–12.30

Submission email: use the organizers’ emails, listed below

Nico Wunderlich, IT-University of Copenhagen, Denmark,
Jonas Valbjørn Andersen, IT-University of Copenhagen, Denmark,

Oliver Müller, University of Paderborn, Germany,

Data is reinventing the world. The ubiquitous utilization of an ever-growing global digital infrastructure creates a data abundance of unprecedented magnitude. Every activity facilitated by digital technology creates data that can be traced, saved, and analyzed. Social relations on social media, business transactions within companies and beyond their boundaries, highly scalable digital platforms connecting users and complementors – the examples are growing exponentially as the underlying data. Still, the mere emergence of data does not provide any valuable insights.

New schools of data science and data analytics are developing methods to manage big data and to derive novel insights from a nearby unlimited number of data points. Discussions around various kinds of bias, ethical considerations, and legal implications demonstrate a range of issues that come along with this evolution of datafication. Traditional statistics of small and medium data spent decades to provide appropriate quality measures for reliability and validity which cannot seamlessly transferred to the scale of big data. Organizations in the private and public sectors seek to discover that data to learn more from their transactions, users, and citizens – and to enhance their service offerings in return. Thus, how to create value from these massive amounts of data challenges business and legal authorities – and similarly scientific research and teaching.

In this workshop, we seek to address issues of value creation from data in current contexts. We like to discuss how the academic field of Information Systems (IS) can contribute to learning from data and to deriving valuable insights. How do current applications in IS publications thematize challenges of value creation from data analytics? How can we teach those methods in university courses to raise students’ awareness of the accompanying issues? How can the development of big data analytics and traditional statistics benefit from each other to create value? We build the starting point of the discussion on value as socio-technical outcome, which covers both economic measures – e.g., performance or productivity – and humanistic outcomes – e.g., welfare or well-being. We believe that the IS community is well aware of some of those challenges, and we would like to discuss and exchange experiences

The workshop will be held as a paper session with participants presenting their submitted extended abstracts. The workshop will be framed by keynote introductions and discussions on the workshop results.

Submission format: Please submit abstracts of 2 to 3 pages in length according to the ECIS conference template. Paper formats to be accepted include research abstracts covering the workshop topic. In addition, we encourage proposals for the submission of abstracts of detailed course descriptions and teaching cases that document experiences in teaching topics related to creating value from data in a university teaching context.

Please submit your abstract to one of the workshop organizers, preferably to , no later than April 15, 2022.

After the deadline, you will be notified of acceptance on May 6, 2022 by a brief feedback on your work.

Notification of acceptance: May 6, 2022

Review of incoming abstracts will be based on the fit with the topic as described above.

Deadline for submission of extended abstracts: April 15, 2022

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