Timisoara, 18-24 June

ECIS 2022 - New Horizons in Digitally United Societies

June 21th, 2022

A Welcome

A Welcome cocktail (June 21th, 2021) will be organized at the Iulius Town, which is an emblematic edge city of Timișoara. In the generous space of the Congress Hall the guests will be greeted by the mayor of the city and by the representatives of the host university.

June 22nd, 2022


On the first day of the Conference, we will organize a traditional party, which includes local beer, as well as wine tasting and Romanian cuisine. This event is based on the “get-together” idea and is organized in an informal style in an outdoor location on the Bega river shore.

June 23th, 2022


The Gala Dinner takes place on the second day of the Conference (June 23th, 2022) and has an elegant location with a fine-dining theme. The place named “Venue” hosts first-class events and creates wonderful memories.

day 1 & day 2

walking tours

We also plan to organize guided walking tours in the most noteworthy places of our city, both in day 1 and day 2.

day 1

Tours on
the Bega River

Tours on the Bega River (in day 1) with vaporetto offered by the municipality for the participants in ECIS 2022.

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