Timisoara, 18-24 June

ECIS 2022 - New Horizons in Digitally United Societies

About paper presentations

All papers are to be presented in person. (There will be no option for virtual presentations via Zoom or a pre-recorded video)

Paper sessions will be either 50 minutes or 60 minutes in length and include up to 4 papers (per session). 

For further details, please refer to the conference schedule.

Allotted time per paper:

  • Full papers: 20 minutes in total (15 minutes live presentation, with the remaining time for Q&A);
  • Research-in-progress papers: 15 minutes in total (10 minutes live presentation, with the remaining time for Q&A).

Given the time constraints, live presentations should be kept brief and to the point.

A general suggestion is to use 1-2 slides for motivation and theory, 1 slide for method, 1-2 slides for results, and finally 1 slide for discussion (including contributions, implications, and limitations).

Optional: Upload of video presentation to AIS eLibrary

In addition to the conference presentation, if you wish, you can create an 8-10-minute video for full papers and a 5-6-minute video for research-in-progress papers. The video presentation will be uploaded to the AIS eLibrary site along with your paper. AIS reports that demand for these videos has been growing over the past few months, with over 50,000 video presentations streamed, meaning that they provide a useful complement to the paper as a means of disseminating your research findings.

The deadline for uploading your video is May 22, 2022.

Upload  Link:  https://ftpsite.aisnet.org/ecis-2022-video-ppt-upload/

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